Sweatshirt MA-1 Vest Khaki × Orange

商品番号 BT01
¥ 12,500 +tax
body~cotton100%/lining~polyester100%/other~cotton95% polyurethane5%



A simple and timeless MA-1 style vest.

This outfit made from sweatshirt material is essential for daily wear and can be worn even as a single piece.
MA-1’s original tough street look is expressed from the epaulettes on the shoulders and the coarse ribbed knit.
Depending on your partner's style, a touch of sweetness can be added using an innerwear with ribbons and frills, or the top of the front zip can be opened, showing a glimpse of the orange liner. This item is easy to arrange, depending on your mood and season, attractive for layering styling and essential for your wardrobe.