All-in-One Jumper Style Top White × Azure Blue

商品番号 CT12
¥ 11,500 +tax
body~polyester90% polyurethane10%/other~cotton100%



This layered look design is made with a single faced fabric, providing light comfort for the warmer seasons.
To protect your dog from various external factors, this item uses two technical fabrics: organic cotton with anti-viral treatment and a matte and solid stretch material with antibacterial effects, for a quick drying, cool touch, and UV protection.
The combination of the sharpness of V-shaped blocking with the sweetness of gathering and the round back silhouette, is without doubt a fashionable style.
Express your affection towards your partner by protecting your loved ones with these outfits.

● Reduces specific fibrous viruses by 99%, but not intended to directly treat or prevent illnesses.