C’EST COUTURE BABY All-in-One Gilet Shirt Pale Blue × Red

商品番号 SH01
¥ 46,000 +tax
body~cotton95% polyurethane5%/sleeve~cotton100% collar~polyester65% cotton35%



C'EST COUTURE BABY's square graphic, which can be said to be the icon of SiDBE, collaborated with the traditional style of gilet on a collared shirt, adds a sense of fun to the orthodox look.

In addition, for comfort and ease of attachment/detachment, this piece has been finished as an all-in-one. Gabardine is used for the collar and oxford cloth for the sleeves, both non-stretch cotton materials with different expressions. The melange double cloth used for the gilet, is a rare material using threads of matte and powdery texture, with a puffy and stress-free vertical and horizontal 2-way stretch.
An original stylish outfit bound to stand out among the many other sporty and girly outfits.