SiDBE is based on the concept of ‘playful couture’. We strive to create products that are sustainable and protective for our dogs; through the use of our couture technology and unique sense of creativity.

The method of production will be on the basis of couture – items will be manufactured upon request. Delivery will take approximately 3 weeks, depending on the item may take 1.5 to 3 months. We believe that this is the most efficient way to cut out manufacturing waste. We believe it’s our responsibility to create a future with purpose and positivity, that is bright for the next generation.

SiDBE は playful couture をコンセプトにこれまで培ってきたクチュールの技術、センスによる独自のクリエイティビティの元、持続可能、ワンちゃん達を保護するものづくりに努めます。